About theMemorial

The Niagara Falls Veterans Memorial is dedicated to the 463 warriors who were residents from the City of Niagara Falls who gave their lives in defense of the United States of America.

The Monument was built by the Niagara Falls Veterans Memorial Commission, Inc. a not for profit corporation registered in the State of New York, and designated as a 501 c 3 charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service.

The Commission was granted permission by the Niagara Falls City Council by formal Resolution to develop approximately 6.5 acres of land in Hyde Park for the purpose of a veterans memorial park within the the park. While the Commission has applied and received grants from the New York State Assembly and the City Niagara Falls, funding has been raised through donation and contributions of private citizens, corporations, and various organizations. The Commission has also been designated by the Niagara Falls City Council in a resolution as the Administrator of the site to insure the integrity and dignity is maintained.

There. Is approximately 1800 tons of solid granite which was quarried by Rock of Ages in Vermont and Pennsylvania and is considered one of three largest granite monuments in the United States. There is no foreign granite used in the Monument. in fact the high tech LED lights are also made in the United States, other materials used are from local suppliers. Much of the labor has also been donated by the Niagara County Building Trades Council by provide operating engineers, electricians, tinsmiths, cement finishers. The Commission contracted with local contractors who employed local labor in the construction of the foundation and electrical system.

The Main feature is the sarcophagus which is an exact dimensional replica of the Tomb of the Unknown solider in black granite quarried near Gettysburg, PA. Inside the sarcophagus are personal affects of some of the fallen warriors. Such as: Silver Star Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart Medal, dog tags, name tags, a rose, pictures of the fallen warrior and his family, letter to the family from the War Department (Department of Defense), the original construction drawings and an evergreen branch symbolizing they have not been forgotten. These are just some of the personal effects.

There are seven Medal of Honor recipients from Niagara Falls dating back to the Civil War and only one was Killed in Action. 2nd Lt. John P. Bobo, USMC, died in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam. The Medal of Honor Monuments are in formation in front of the sarcophagus.

The Veterans Wall of Honor is reserved for any veteran living or deceased who served honorably in the United States Military, regardless of whether it was during war or peace they all contributed to the security of this Nation. It is an opportunity for veterans to "Stand the Watch" for their fallen warriors and to memorialize their contribution to America for many generations. The veteran or his family can have his or her name engraved on the Wall by completely the application and submitting proof of service. The veteran does NOT have to be resident of the City of Niagara Falls, New York. In fact we have veteran names from Ohio, California, Florida, Maryland, Utah, Texas just to name a few. The cost is $125 dollars which is 100 percent deductible but more importantly helps defray the cost of building the Monument.

The current construction status, the New York Power Authority has agreed to pay for the electrical installation which is expected to be completed the week of September 10, 2013 and the pouring of the cement for the plaza area to begin the same time frame.Once the concreted is cured the fence will be taken down and open to the public.

We will post on the this web site various activities and events to take place at the Monument.